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What Is a Hygrometer?

Infinity Instruments Large Metal Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock A hygrometer is an instrument that measures humidity. It's also an essential device at every level of meteorology.

Hygrometers in Brief
The simplest varieties are just two thermometers, one in water and the other in air. The water thermometer naturally has a cooler reading. The dry thermometer measures ambient air temperature. By simply taking the difference between the readings, the relative humidity is easy to calculate.

Modern Hygrometers

Although weather specialists still use analog hygrometers, digital models are fast replacing their older cousins. The difference is in their versatility.

  • Analog: These classic hygrometers resemble wall-mounted clocks. Instead of time, the face reads temperature and humidity.
  • Digital: The latest hygrometers are small, lightweight, and blessed with wireless capability. A reading taken in one place is easily sent elsewhere.
Although analog and digital hygrometers both have value, the digital hygrometers are clearly favored. With an analog hygrometer, researchers go to the data. With digital versions, the data comes to the researcher.

More Digital Advantages
At as little as $20 for a basic digital hygrometer, they are also quite affordable. Also, a digital hygrometer may also come with some especially handy extras including:

  • Time/Date functions
  • Interval data reading/tracking
  • Barometer
  • Indoor/Outdoor humidity reading
  • GIS/GPS enabled (important for mapping functions)
  • Weather forecasting capabilities

The Best Hygrometer for You
Which hygrometers are best for you depends on your purposes. Review why and how you plan to use your hygrometer. If you just want to check humidity measurements, go for an inexpensive hygrometer. Hygrometers also make interesting objects for outside d├ęcor.

People who are enthralled with gadgets will definitely want to invest in a digital hygrometer. There are many styles of hygrometers on the market, so narrow your search down to models in your price range.

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